Lab for Environmental Design Strategies is an architectural research practice founded 2008 by Daniel Koehler and Rasa Navasaityte.
Starting with the individual, and the automaton, we offer a complementary scale of complexity to design: complicity. As a young practice, our projects show a theoretical framework, as meta-architecture towards the Real.

Daniel Koehler is an urbanist, researcher, and co-founder of lab-eds. He directs one of the research clusters at UCL Bartlett School of Architecture in London, where he also coordinates the theory module of the BPro Urban Design Master Program. Furthermore, Daniel also holds a PostDoc position at Innsbruck University. He has taught at several institutions, among them Sci-Arc in Los Angeles USA, Städelschule in Frankfurt Germany, Aalto University in Espoo Finland, Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania and the University of East London. Daniel has studied Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and he completed his PhD at Innsbruck University. He is the author of “The Mereological City”, a study on the partitioned relationships between architecture and its city in the modern period. His current research focuses on the urban implications of digital logistics, which are being designed by means of sets, data, interfaces and their architecture.
Rasa Navasaityte is an architect and the co-founder of the design practise lab-eds. She is teaching architecture design at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. She has taught workshops, seminars and design studios at the University Innsbruck, Vilnius Academy of Arts and the University of East London. Rasa holds a Master in Architecture, which she received with distinction at the Angewandte in Vienna supervised by Prof. Zaha Hadid. Her project contributes to an architectural framework of ecological form and is acknowledged through several Publications, Awards and Exhibitions.

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