Austin City Streetscapes

Research Project - Rasa Navasaityte
2023 -  

The "Austin City Streetscapes" project explores the potential for increased density and incorporating more tree areas in the city's streetscapes. By re-imagining existing concrete pavements and interconnecting them with new massing, bridges, and pathways, the goal is to create more urban landscapes that improve human flow and overall livability in the city. When cars become electric and driverless, our perception of nonhuman spaces in cities is set to change. Once dusty, loud, and polluting, these areas will become quiet, calm, large, and wide. This opens up new opportunities for affordable ground conditions, which can be used for walkability, plazas, interaction, food production, and more. This new light for a different future has the potential to become a new ground for human areas, with public squares, food production, and parks all being incorporated into urban life.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.