Between the Parts, Living at the Regents Canal.

Design studio, first year studies architecture, University of Innsbruck.
led by Rasa Navasaityte.
Students: Janna Eberharter, Julian Höck, Daniel Keil, Paul Lechner, Manfred Herman, Louisa Sommer, Rebecca Maria Wolf
Site: Regents Canal London.
Summer 2017.

Left: project by Julian Höck; right: project by by Rebecca Maria Wolf.
Left: project by Paul Lechner, right: project by Janna Eberharter. Left: project by Daniel Keil, right: project by Manfred Herman.
Project by Julian Höck.
London Regent`s Canal fabric is currently transforming from industrial into a mixture between cultural, artist, working, and residential spaces. New forms of living are highly needed in this area. A vertical living condition will create new ground as a building mass. The formal reading of the existing architectural examples will be explored through the abstraction into the new design object – three-dimensional element, which will be created during the studies and the relation between the architectural and the geometrical effects. As the second part of the design strategy, the part-relation will be expressed through the compositional studies to achieve the building mass. The relation between one and many will be expressed through the three-dimensional organizational principles based on seven diagrams of O. M. Ungars. Here multiple urban conditions emerge through the relation between the architectural-urban effects and overlap of several organizational principles of inside-outside diagrams of O. M. Ungars. The artificial ground condition turns into a vertical urban textile.
Project by Paul Lechner.
Project by Julian Höck.
Project by Julian Höck.
Project by Paul Lechner.
Project by Janna Eberharter.
Project by Rebecca Maria Wolf.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.