Bridging the Fourfold of architectural Ressemblance

course: Digital Design Strategies, master studies at the Department of Architecture, Vilnius Academy of Art
led by Daniel Köhler, Rasa Navasaityte

We will focus on Part-to-Whole relations as one of the basic problem sets in architecture. For this, we will present Foucault's premodern Fourfold of resemblance (Conventientia, Aemulatio, Analogy, Sympathy). Based on discrete elements, the Fourfold represents techniques for grouping figures into neighborhood conditions and configurations over distances and order of scales. As it turns out, these are already present at hand in contemporary techniques of parametrics and related designs. We will show how we can bridge the premodern Fourfold – as the core of traditional architectural concepts - and digital design. The students will design a bridge. Connecting two opposing banks will be a metaphorical image for the design-search of a complex whole. Each grouping technique will be introduced separately in predefined examples. The student can build on these examples, adjust, tweak and combine them for their purpose. The students should present their proposals on panels and should produce a physical model as well, using Laser cutting or 3D-printing techniques. The final results will be exhibited in an exhibition.

- simple elements in complex figurations
- from CAD to Parametrics to Object Oriented design methods
- software: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Processing & bRigid
- physical and digital models will be exhibited at the gallery Titanikas, Vilnius

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.