Choreograments 2: Computing Tectonics.

by: Daniel Koehler, Rase Navasaityte
2010 - 2012.

This project suggests the opposite understanding of a landscape: a perfomative environment, rich with multiple choices, readings and possibilities. Based on the choreography of collective behavioral events, a performative environment con-figures. Different intensities of the potential collective formulates in multiple light conditions, reacting the changes in performance during day and night. The phenomenal variety is a result of emergent local rules of basic sub-elements grouped in structural figurations.
A living scenery.

As a critical dialogue to the modernistic notion of landscape, this research extends the formal hierarchy established by the Bauhaus: From Point to Line to Plate to L-Shape to Panel to Surface condition. The Point, in a field of differentiated, local negotiated densities, dispositioned over time becomes a line. The Line with a certain extrusion becomes the Plate. The Plate and its orthogonal trajectory to the next embraced plate in range can be defined as L-Shape. Panels cover or clad certain L-Shapes according to their local environmental conditions. A surface evolves through the assembly of object-oriented defined architectural elements.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.