Choreograments - Linnahall

Performative environment as a contemporary landscape design Linnahall/Tallinn/Estonia
2010  by: Rasa Navasaityte

The project is a reactivation strategy for the Linnahall, a large-scale, monumental building in Tallinn, Estonia. With a large empty roof condition, the Linnahall is a classic example for a modernist understanding of landscape as an empty surface.
This project suggests the opposite understanding of a landscape: a performative environment, rich with multiple choices, readings, and possibilities. Based on the choreography of collective behavioral events, the existing iconic building gets embedded in a performative environment. Different intensities of the potential collective formulate in multiple light conditions, re acting the changes in performance during day and night. A living scenery. The environment suggests a large field of collective and individual spaces, a huge variety of flexible usability in multiple times. The phenomenal variety is a result of emergent local rules of basic sub-elements grouped in structural figurations.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.