From Object to Field

Design Studio, second year bachelor studies at the institute of urban design, University of Innsbruck
led by Daniel Koehler,

From Object to Field: urban Operations on architectural Form

With the description of the city as an object the question arises: How can architectural elements be related to one another to be recognized as a group, neighborhood or city? In architecture the name for a group of elements that relate to each other without losing their independence, is a field. In this course we are looking for strategies, on how we can develop the loose juxtaposition of our cities to a field. The starting point here is the research of Ludwig Hilberseimer, who in his later works dealed with the inscription of urban intentions as architectural operations into its parts the individual architectural object. His diagram of the Inscription, we will adapt and extend with our own approaches based on the analysis of classical projects. Goal is an urban field as speculation on possible forms of urban object.

"Effect of different densities on the plan of houses", translation of the diagram by Ludwig Hlberseimer, The New City, 1944, p.91

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.