Inverse Manhattism

Design studio, first year bachelor studies at the Institute of Urban Design, University of Innsbruck,
led by Rasa Navasaityte,

Manhattan is the canonical example for a city as a building producing machine. As the grid and its subdivision into parcels, the building is reduced to an extrusion of the plot.
Here, we will inverse the logic of Manhattans grid: what if the building produces the ground? The ground turns into an artificial landscape consisting of housing itself. The horizontal living condition will create new ground with building mass. Coming from the sea the ground does not exist. Here we will extend Manhattan with an urban textile and the inversion of itself.
Student work by left: Stephan Höllwarth, right: Sandra Rauch.
Student work by left: Alexander Schidlbauer, right: Simon Peimpold. Student work by left: Melvin Kier, right: Johannes Mahler.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.