Outstanding Artist Recognition Award

12. 12. 2012, yesterday we were awarded with a Outstanding Artist (experimentelle Tendenzen in der Architektur) Recognition Award for our longterm research on autonomous elements and their physical collective. Here for the project "Choreograments". Choreograments – Outstanding Artist Award: Jury statement:
Choreograments is a research project in the context of environmental design strategies. Based on the choreography of collective events architectural qualities and possibilities can be established. This design approach understands construction as the negotiation between autonomous architectural elements that are aware of their neighborhood relations and dependencies. The resulting performative landscape can be molded by means of various contextual parameters, such as social, economic or functional origin. This approach allows a coherent differentiation of architectural figurations and the reading of an evolving emergent potential. The jury understood and discussed the presented project as just such configuration. And honors the visionary dispute within the research topic and the resulting options, their relevance to the architectural discourse are beyond doubt.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.