One Minute Architecture

simulating architecture
by Daniel Koehler

One Minute Architecture demonstrates an AI-driven architecture machine that simulates the pace of the planetary building construction in real time. In the process, the bot varies compositions from one minute of space to one minute of walking time.  

How much computation is enough? When we would have reached the capacity to compute and build everything? The Un-Habitat states that we need an astonishing number of 2 billion homes within the next 30 years. 2 billion breaks down to 127 homes per minute. What you see here is an AI-driven assembly machine that builds in real time. 127 homes per minute, the planetary pace of building construction. Trained by data from real estate platforms, the drawing machine exposes the current consumption of space in the U.S. Building on my Ph.D. research on part-to-part design thinking, the project looks into compression of space through the re-arrangement of the city’s architecture only. Each minute the bot composes a new stack of daily amenities in a range of one minute walking distance. By shuffling through the combinatorial solution space this project accumulates a data set on possible modes of integrated living. Simulating the planetary building construction on a single laptop, apparently, Architecture can’t be rocket science. So why we don’t use then computation to do better? To build affordable while rich and sustainable environments for everyone?

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.