is a library by Daniel Koehler for the Processing programming environment.
Last update, 10/03/2016.

"An architectural element is defined by its autopoietic condition and its operational virtue in an environment. This opens the possibility of a conscious threshold between the disposition of the object and the assembly of the object itself. The point of bifurcation between the whole and the perception of its constituting elements is named in social science as Punctualization (cp. punktiert)."

Punktiert is a particle engine based and thought as an extension of Karsten Schmidt's toxiclibs.physics code. This library is optimized for the local negotiation between particles. And it allows hierarchies between multiple particle groups. The access and methods are simplified, no more difference between 2D/3D, extended behaviors and a little bit faster.
This library is developed through and for an architectural context, based on teaching experiences over the past couple years.

Tested Platform: windows
Processing: 2.03
Dependencies: peasycam for some examples


punktiert by Daniel Koehler licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.