RC17 The Fourth Part: Enframes

Research Cluster 17 - Large City Architecture
B-Pro Urban Design, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCl London
led by Daniel Koehler and Rasa Navasaityte
with Anqi Su and Christoph Zimmel

Team iiOOOI: Enframes: Kexin Cao, Yue Jin, Qiming Li.

Enframes challenges topology with mereology. Refraining the famous statement that a city is not a tree, the project Enframes considers the city as a quantity of corners. The corner as the bumping into each other, the city as the physical enframing of exchange. The corner is interpreted as a coincidental meeting point mbracing places and enclosing crossings. In the footsteps of O.M. Ungers space-concept of enframing, the project accelerates the urban coincident, condensing the topological measure of cityness into a configuration of partial frames.
Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.