RC17 When Numbers Dwell: MultiYards

Research Cluster 17 - Large City Architecture Research
B-Pro Urban Design, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCl London
led by Daniel Koehler and Rasa Navasaityte
with Ziming He and Sheghaf Abo Saleh

Team MultiYards: Ping Ju, Rong Liu, and Jiachong Zhou.

Multiyards re-interpretates the urban notion of a courtyard as a distributive device to share and orient access and ownership.Public spaces play a vital role in the social and economic life of communities. Here, we projected positive characters of traditional courtyard buildings into a contemporary architecture of shared living. The research studies different scenarios of living based on built precedents. By studying the relationship between private, share, and public spaces, their common features opens the opportunity to describe the city simply through notions of sharing. Opposed to today’s urban planning principles based on boundaries and territories, this project offers possibilities to read a city through aspects of partaking and sharing. Thus, existing buildings and neighborhoods can also be understood through forms of sharing. Various ways of partaking can create either closed, open or semi-open spaces. That allows distributive strategies to be applied at an urban scale and over time.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.