The City as a Building.

Urban Design Exercise, second year bachelor studies at the institute of urban design, University of Innsbruck
led by Daniel Koehler

This exercise teaches compositional basics of city architecture, a basic knowledge of urban terminology, urban structure and urban form, the history of cities and city visions. Brief: Select and represent a city, which expresses one of the following conditions: The building that produces the city. The building that is a city. The building with buildings that is a city. The city that exists between buildings. The city that is a building. The city that produces buildings. Sort, compare, compose and draw the city as a part condition. Configure the city as an element of architecture in the form of a slab with the dimension of six hundred meters in length, one hundred meter in width and eighty meters in height. Consider it for nine thousand inhabitants.

Lab for Environmental Design Strategies
Austin, London, Innsbruck.